Fankled [fang’kld]
1. tangled: from fank, Scottish word for a coil or tangle (fankles happen in the studio some days, but we’re hoping to avoid them.)
2. Also, appropriately, from the Gaelic word fang; an enclosure for sheep.

Unfankling Fankled
Growing up within a creative family on the West Coast of Scotland fired a lifelong desire to design and make.
Inspiration from these roots is enhanced by research at the National Art Library in the V&A Museum.

Based in Kent with a rich archive of British and European patterns Fankled designs and produces limited edition accessories, knitwear and homeware.

Working as a knitwear designer and consultant to yarn companies alongside setting up and running The Yarn Dispensary has built upon this heritage.

Fankled is proud to be a brand partner of Campaign for Wool, an international endeavour promoting the modern application of an historic fibre.


Gillian Ely